Thursday, 9 November 2017

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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

New Exhibition yo!

New Exhibition yo!

so... i know its been a while but i have been really busy!

I have changed mediums recently, i am now a tattoo artist!

This exhibition is the story of my creative career so far, all of the work that i ahve done up untill this point.

it was also one of the outcomes from the Illustory project, it would be great to see y'all there so come on down! 

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Illustory Eu

Hey everybody

I know it’s been a while but here is the new update!

So do you remember back in the summer when me and a few other artist got together to produce work for Alice day? That was the introduction of Illustory! This has been the next step for Illustory!

Introducing Robinson Crusoe and the Pirate Queen

So as I said about in my last post (Sorry about the big gaps between the posts but you can tell I’ve been busy) the Theatre Chipping Norton are having their Christmas Panto on Robinson Crusoe and the Pirate Queen.

For this project we got some other new artist involved as well, including Animator Harry Cann and Musician Alain Philips. So that’s exciting! 

There is more information on the artist on our

So, as you know Illustory is about a group of young artist working and collaborating together in response to classic literature in our culture. Hence Alice Day.

The Theatre Chipping Norton are doing Robinson Crusoe for their Christmas play.

Clare Carswell the project manager and curator had spoken to the Theatre early in the year and told them about Illustory. They loved the idea of having a show there when Clare said about the idea.

In fact so much so they really collaborated on us with this by sharing, early access to the Script, Art style of the stage and a chance to watch the rehearsals. 

Which I found really helpful because I have never seen a panto before. But it is always good to try new things and challenge yourself. 
For this project i wanted to do a comic book. The art style of the panto is based on comic book art from the 50's. The Adventure boy style books, Tin Tin among others.

As for the story, I only wanted a short book I didn’t want it to end up as a graphic novel. So as the panto changes from the book but keeps a lot of the main themes, I wanted to do the same with my comic.

I have always had a strong interest in character as it is I feel the characters whom tell a story. How they react to the situations they are place in by writers and how we read and interpret their actions and impulses is important. 

I also knew that i wanted a silent hero for my comic book! For two very cleaver reasons.
First reason is because of something or a theory i discover while writing my dissertation.

Now very basically this comes from video games. One of the main reasons i feel Super Mario Brothers is still loved now as much as ever is because he is a silent hero.

So starting at the start. We see faces in inanimate object such as plug sockets and Cars, Its natural.
Now without realising it we give these faces characters and emotions. Sometimes a car look sad or angry but it’s not, it’s a car.

When the faces are more relatable but still simple cartoons we do exactly the same but because it’s more human we see how self’s in the characters. Reflecting some of our emotional traits on the characters, making them extensions of us.  

So this means what I think Mario sounds like and his mannerisms could be different to someone else. So they have created there version of Mario that they love for his mannerisms could be slightly different to my version of Mario but it’s the same character.

What I thought Mario said to the princess was different to what you thought Mario said to the princess but the story still moves on and we are both happy. 

All most like how implied violence works but on a different scale.

Now i have done this same concept differently (Second reason)

Because the reader will still have a fresh idea of the Robinson Crusoe character from the panto, they should apply those feeling to the hero in my book.

I did make Robinson Crusoe speak on the last page. Just to remind the reader its different hero.

Now also because this is an Illustory project it’s all about collaboration.

I have included some of Wills and Amy’s art work in amongst my pages. The Juxtaposed images create a real magical and fantasy style. Going back to what i was saying about the faces (Yeh, it’s this again) when a different art style is introduced to the silent hero with your traits it invokes a response.

i thought using Amy’s mermaid would seem really mystical for this reason and the same with Wills boat.

There are further examples of how we have collaborated as artists on this project. 

The images for the large banner were made by all the artists drawing together on the same sheets of paper. 

I then took the images into Photoshop and added characters and scenes from the panto. 

Amongst the expressive and flowing lines you can find interpretations of some of the characters; the Native American Chief Friday, the Cowboys, Betty ‘Bad Dog’ Babcock the Pirate Queen and her gang including Crusher Crab, the Mermaid and of course our hero Robinson Crusoe and his fish market. The Saucy Nancy is also included at the top of the image.   

The work is vibrant with lots of movement and we hope this reflects the energy and excitement of the panto.

So as you can see the show is now up and ready to go! So please do come along if you can and I hope to see you all at the private view! 

Thanks for reading all this by the way!

the Private view is on the 11th of December at the Theatre Chipping Norton, there is more infomation on our website